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Bad Boy's Bride

Vanessa Waltz

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I'll drag her to the altar to save her.

The name's Silas. I'm not the type to settle down. New town, new job, and a new girl to warm my bed. All part of the job, with one hitch that's got me in knots.

The new girl. Fawn. I'm not supposed to look at her, let alone touch her, but every time she makes eyes at me I want to rip her clothes off. I'm counting down the minutes until I get her alone- in my bed, on the counter, anywhere I damned well please.

I'm no good for anyone, but there's a man after her that makes me look like a saint. I said I'd never marry, but that was before I met a girl I was ready to kill for.

Fawn is mine.

No matter the cost.

Note: Bad Boy's Bride includes a copy of Married to the Bad Boy, a full-length standalone novel. Bad Boy's Bride is a standalone novel and the first in the Bad Boy Empire series!

Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense
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