Tracked Down: The Shifters of Olsson's Pass Book Three

by Trudie Rowland

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Call me Angel

My life has never been easy.

Stolen as I child, I was forced to grow up as little better than a guard dog. Now I'm free to live my life as I choose – and I choose revenge. I will track down the man responsible for my stolen life. I will destroy him and everything he's worked for. I will get my son back.

This is my one chance to regain what was lost and learn to love again. And no one will stand in my way.

A full length Paranormal Romance novel featuring a badass lady werewolf taking back her life, the hot (human) NSA agent who gives her a chance at normalcy, no cheating, and a HEA that will leave your heart full. Book Three in the Shifters of Olsson's Pass Series.