Strapped In the Dentist Chair

by Azure O'Hara

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Does the idea of letting the dentist control your mouth turn you on? What if he wanted to control even more of you? What if he gave you all the pleasure of submission you always dreamed of?

Kara Simpson is 25, broke, and excited to start her new job as a law firm receptionist. The job means she'll earn more money and something she wants just as much -- dental coverage. She's been ignoring her sore tooth, but now she can go to the dentist to get it checked out.

Dr. Rick Catalan agrees to see her right away. He's smoking hot, but there's something unusual about this dentist. He keeps asking her to spread her mouth open wider and keep perfectly still. Soon, Kara learns just how still he wants her to be while he works on her when he reveals that he's fitted the dentist chair with straps and other ways to bind his patients tight.

He has her completely at his mercy. He'll take her mouth -- and the rest of her.

She never dreamed that she'd find a dentist as interested in exploring her insides as much as she wants to be explored by one, but now that she's STRAPPED IN THE DENTIST CHAIR, it looks like her dreams could come true.

This is a hot book with a plot. 14,000 words (70 pages). Contains consensual bondage, dentist fetish, medical fetish, deep throating, breath play, breath restriction, and hypnotism.