Arc Of A Shooting Star: Caution: this book contains sex, drugs, rock 'n roll & traces of nuts!

by Simon Northouse

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Take a dash of mystery and intrigue, a liberal sprinkling of humour and a great big splash of rock music and what do you get? A gritty, comic satire, bristling with energy, wit and verve!
Ex-rock star, Will Harding, has spent a decade in self-imposed exile, in a remote part of the Yorkshire Dales. It's a far cry from the heady days when he led his band, The Shooting Tsars, to the topprmost of the poppermost.

An unexpected phone call from his manipulative ex-manager, Chas Dupont, sets in motion a chain of events that seems unstoppable.

Arc Of A Shooting Star is the first book in the "Shooting Star" series by Simon Northouse.