The King's Surprise Bride SPDR

by SPDR ARC Services

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She's everything I want.
And everything I can't have.
But I'm about to put it all on the line.
And make her my queen.

Princess Ash.
Strong. Beautiful. Sassy as hell.
Not what I expected at all.
And way too good for the pr*@% she's engaged to.

I'm hosting the royal wedding.
But now that I see her,
I have to have her.
This little princess needs a real man.
A king who can make her fall to her knees.

In a word. Me.

But there's more a stake than taking what I want.
Claiming her will throw three countries into uproar.
But I won't give her up.

For now she's my dirty little secret.
But when I'm done, she'll be my bride.