The Best Bits of Physics

by Alasdair Shaw

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Physics is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. Everyone should have at least a basic knowledge.
This book explains some of the most interesting parts of physics in simple terms. It dips in, never taking more than two pages for one topic. There is even a good selection of experiments you can do at home!
It is suitable for any student of science as well as anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge. It is a real layman's guide to physics. It treats the reader as an intelligent person who doesn't happen to know about advanced physics; the phrase 'physics for dummies' is often mentioned but that sounds insulting to the reader.

Some quotes about the book:
"Engages the reader and inspires them to find out more."
"What a great book! It is always helpful when someone can translate tricky science topics into plain English for non-technical folks."
"Clear and understandable. I like the conversational style."
"It made physics interesting, even magical."
"This book would be awesome for a high school student or for someone in a career requiring a basic understanding of physics."

Rated 5* by Readers' Favourites
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A few words from the author:
Physics is a hard subject. Everyone knows that. Tell someone that you are studying physics and they will be impressed. This will probably be followed by a comment along the lines of "I could never do that at school". It is still one of the most demanding GCSEs and A-Levels.
This book is an attempt to serve up some of the best bits of physics. It should give you an understanding of the key concepts in modern physics. Along the way I hope you will be convinced that the heart of physics isn't all that hard after all. Perhaps you'll even be able to explain it to your friends and family...

A great present for someone studying physics or anyone who is interested in the world
Physics made easy is one way of looking at it. Physics made interesting is another.

There is now a Teachers' Edition of this book
You can order it from It is packed with A4 worksheets for you to photocopy. Some are comprehension passages and questions; others are experiment instruction sheets.