by Jennifer Rose McMahon

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If you knew your gift was a curse, would you use it?

Cursed with the gift of second sight and outcast as a social freak, Maeve travels through her haunting visions to medieval Ireland to discover mysterious secrets within her clan – secrets that could change her life completely. Torn between tribal bonds of the past and high pressure expectations of the present, Maeve must end her menacing curse before becoming lost forever between her two worlds.

Joining the notorious sixteenth-century pirate queen in a final resistance against the crown, Maeve battles to protect her clan from obliteration. But will the heart-wrenching distraction of the rival clan chieftain’s son derail her before she is able to succeed in her risky mission and return to the future?

In the quest of a lifetime, or centuries of lifetimes, Maeve must make an impossible choice between love and loyalty to end her curse before her time runs out, trapping her in the past forever.