Pregnant Rock Star Omega

by Dex Bass

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One omega on top of the world.
One alpha fan.
One moment of passion.
One happy surprise.
One chance to make it real.
Johnny Omega is lonely. Really lonely. He has stardom and he has fans, but he doesn't have love. His recording contract requires him to stay single. All he can do is take backstage opportunities with his alpha fans.

Johnny's morning sickness reveals a happy surprise. Something definitely happened with some fan behind some concert stage. But how can Johnny track down the co-father? Johnny doesn't know his fans' names -- only their lustful smells.

At least Johnny can enroll for the Omega Protection Service. There's a strict code of conduct for OPS guards: no love, no sex, only protection. All professional.

Billionaire alpha Aaron Aster is Johnny's biggest fan, even if Johnny doesn't remember their backstage dalliance that evening. Aaron volunteers as Johnny's OPS guard because of his duty to the alpha-omega community. Strictly business.

Johnny doesn't know who his co-father is, but the answer might be right there, protecting him.

Aaron wants to start a family with the pregnant omega he's volunteered to protect. Is it still strictly business?

Two guys in tune.
Three to make a family.
Four to love.
Five to go, go, go.
Pregnant Rock Star Omega is a 57,000-word feel-good mpreg romance with two gorgeous, super-sweet men starting a family. It's full of omega sass, alpha care, a butler who always knows when to appear, and a mom who's her son's biggest fangirl. No shifters, no cheating, and no cliffhangers. A feel-good HEA is guaranteed.

This book can be read as a standalone. It's the first book in the series Omegaverse, set at Johnny Omega's rock-and-roll mansion. It is a continuation of the series MPreg Hospital.