Cocky Jerk

by Rose Harper

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From author Rose Harper, comes a sexy new standalone novel in the Cock of the Walk Duet.
After ten years of running, I can’t run anymore.A sexy, cocky, dominant Brad Titan was the last person I expected to show up on my mother’s doorstep.The last time I saw him, he shattered my heart into a thousand pieces.He didn’t care. Didn’t pick up the pieces.He didn’t even throw a bone my way after everything we’d been through.All because he thought I’d done something terrible—something so unredeemable he couldn’t bear the thought of me.Only, I didn’t.I was set up.Thrown to the wolves before I could catch my breath.After ten years, he now knows the truth.He knows he was duped just like the rest of them.And he’s coming for me with a vengence.He says I’m his, that he’ll never betray me and let me go again.There’s only one problem with that …This cocky jerk is about to be my new stepbrother.
Author's note – Cocky Jerk is a full-length novel in the Cock of the Walk Duet. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.