Bait & Switch

by A.L. Tyler

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She's fighting the clock, and her time is running out...

Seven years ago a man was imprisoned for crimes he didn't commit.

Three years ago Jette Driftwood decided to steal magic and break him out.

One year ago she discovered that the magic she stole was going to kill her...

Jette, talented witch with synesthesia and the Bleak's most wanted, is hiding in plain sight among humans. She's working in an evidence room at her local police station. After two years on the run from the cohort of thieves she cheated, things are finally starting to settle down. She can finally get back to her plan: using the magic she stole to free her accused father.

Then a killer shows up.

With one man dead in the town where she's hiding, Jette is the prime suspect when an attractive vampire shows up to collect the bounty on her head. To save her life, she'll make a deal: use her unique talents to help bring down a murderer, and maybe win a chance to avoid her execution.

But things aren't that simple, because the body count is rising. The magic Jette stole is killing her faster than anticipated, and she has unfinished business. Only death can stop her now...