Irresistible SEAL Book 2: A Navy SEAL Romance

by Amanda Heartley

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Amanda has a fine sense of military life as she has demonstrated in Book 1. A very good mixture of military flavor and the distances wars create are mixed well with steamy erotica. It works well."
Grady Harp - Hall of Fame, Top 500 Reviewer

"Once again Amanda Heartley sets my kindle on fire with her hot books. Juliet is super upset that she hasn't meet Luke yet. Luke is determined to get healed before he meets her in person. When they do meet, WOW!!!!! Trust me after reading this you will want a cold shower! Amanda, as always, you are such an incredible author. You never disappoint."

"This book was so much fun. The author has a sense of humor about the world, but also an understanding of what military families go through after an injury, mental or physical. The supporting characters were written so well that I was interested in reading their stories as well. The sex was filled with passion. I definitely recommend buying this book."

"Mystery and burning love. The characters are intense. The love growing and the fear of it, who knows. I read this in one sitting. Couldn't put it down till it was over. Good book. The feelings and fears combined with wanting and yearning are so moving. You get pulled in like you're there, watching live."