The Lonely Crow: A Fairytale Novelette

by Winter Reid

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When a young ornithologist arrives at a remote cabin in the Ozark Mountains, she has a simple plan and a single rule. The plan: record her employer's requested birdsong and head back to civilization. The rule: never think about the past.

Too bad the forest has rules of its own.

Surrounded by coyotes and unexpected magic—and aided by a family of crows and a mysterious hermit—Wren soon finds herself the target of a local park ranger's aggressive affection. To survive, she must believe in her own strength and judgment. But how can she trust her instincts when they failed her so completely once already?

Book One in the Tales of Love & Woe Series, The Lonely Crow is a reverse retelling of a classic boy-meets-mermaid fairy tale. This novelette includes mature themes and is intended for a mature audience. In other words, this is not a story for children.