Physics Problems for GCSE: 300 questions for homework and revision

by Alasdair Shaw

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Revision is best done actively. Whilst passively re-reading your lesson notes and browsing your revision guide are useful they are unlikely to get you a top mark. One of the best things you can do is answer questions. Lots of them. Once you run out of questions in our textbook and have done all the past papers available you need to look for more problems to solve.

This book contains a wide range of questions aimed at enhancing your abilities at GCSE or iGCSE Physics. Some are simple and repetitive; others are complex and will truly stretch you.
They are grouped into major topics and then further split down into concepts. Not every question will be directly relevant to your specification; if you think you haven't studied something have a quick check in your revision guide to see if you need to know it.

"Some of the questions really made my top set think."
"Covers the AQA GCSE specification."
"Great for setting prep."
"Once I'd done these I felt ready for my iGCSE exams."