Walking Through the Past - Exmoor and Quantocks

by Alasdair Shaw

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Archaeoroutes are a range of walks, mostly in wild places, which visit ancient sites. They include pictures and descriptions of the sites.
"great looking routes" - ViewRanger

This volume covers walks on Exmoor and walks on the Quantocks and visiting sites of archaeological importance.

Exmoor is an area of high land overlooking the Bristol Channel. It is now mostly heathland but has been being reclaimed for farming for over a century. The highest point is Dunkery Beacon at 519m.
The Quantocks are a line of hills stretching from Taunton to the Bristol Channel. The views stretch from Exmoor and the Blackdowns to Wales. With a rich population of wildlife this was the first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain. The highest point is Wills Neck at 386m.

You can also view the routes on OS maps online and even download them to your GPS by going to http://my.viewranger.com/route/curations/450 (for a video so see how they work go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LJDRnvteFY).

A good present for a walker or amateur archaeologist!
See http://www.archaeoroutes.co.uk for more information about this series...