Pieces of Sky

by R.J. Hillary

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Rufus Hogarth is an outsider, a loser, a nobody. He drifts through his world alone, and that's fine with him.
But one day, at the end of his last year of primary school, a letter arrives on the doormat inviting him to apply for a place at a school he's never even heard of. How do they know about him? How do they even know he exists?
He's read Harry Potter. He knows what happens when you go off to mysterious schools you've never heard of. But his mum insists, so he has no choice.
If he thought being an outsider in a small town primary school was bad, it's nothing compared to a school where cliques and status are everything, even if the school says otherwise.
Rufus learns quickly that this school is nothing like Hogwarts, but with the right friends, he might just have a chance of making it magical.