Blame The Goth Girl Vol. 6: In The Beginning Was The Word, The Word Was With The Banshees, And The Word Was Siouxsie

by Bettina Busiello

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After being abducted on Halloween night, Onyx is whisked away to Europe where she finally meets the elusive council Rome had warned her about. There, she's accused of breaking the rules, and a punishment is set forth which she finds she can't just talk her way out of.

Onyx finally submits to the terms of her punishment; training with the only known natural born warlock, Esben Borget. However, back to back incidents involving a mysterious entity attacking the coven as well as the trials of all the vampires from New York impede her ability to succeed in learning all she can to defend herself.

Back in Philadelphia, Rome soon realizes that an impostor has taken Onyx's place. Though he embarks on a mission to find out who really has Onyx, he decides to make use of the Onyx-look-alike for his own nefarious purposes.