Black Gold: A Dr. Whyte Adventure

by CB Samet

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A medical mission takes a dangerous turn . . .
Dr. Lillian Whyte realizes that the luster and idealism of medicine and healing has faded and left her disillusioned after trudging through the hectic emergency room. Concerned about her swelling cynicism about her job, her supervisor volunteers her to lead a group of residents on a medical mission to Kenya. An ocean away from her troubles, she finds comfort in aiding local inhabitants and refugees who have fled from civil unrest in neighboring countries. The tranquility turns to chaos when her clinic is ambushed by militant thieves led by a conniving oil profiteer. Faced with the prospect of permanent captivity and/or probable death, Dr. Whyte must find the resolve to outwit her captors and escape. With the help of a CIA operative turned love interest, she seeks to disband the oil thieves while restoring her humanitarianism in medicine and her faith in herself.