Deader Still: An Afterlife Adventures Novel

by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

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You thought living was hard? You should try being dead ...

Bridget Sway has survived the first week of her afterlife – but only just. Working a job that still doesn’t pay, wearing a uniform that’s still a fashion disaster and now facing a week-long assessment, things can only get better … right? Wrong. And there’s another dead ghost in her locker to prove it.

When Bridget’s caught holding the proverbial smoking gun over the second body, the police are even more determined to pin the murders on her. So once again it’s left to Bridget and her friends to prove her innocence, but with the Ghosting Busters (the afterlife über police) taking an interest in her, things aren’t going to be so straightforward.

While dodging the police, avoiding her handsome parole officer’s interrogations, and trying to pass her assessment, Bridget needs to find the killer … before the killer finds her.