Always You

by Alexis Winter

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How do you make yourself not love someone?


It’s been ten years…TEN YEARS and I still can’t get over him. I made the stupid mistake of confessing my love for him one tipsy night in college only to be told he loved me too…like a sister! Ever since that night I’ve tried my hardest to move on, Luke made his feelings clear but I can’t seem to stop comparing every man to him. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man…the only problem is he doesn’t want me.


I’ve kicked myself ever since the night I turned Bridgette down back in college. I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember but what if I ruin this and lose her forever? I hate that I had to hurt her but it’s for the best. I know I shouldn’t fantasize about her but sometimes I can’t help myself wondering what it would be like to finally have her in my arms, to taste her lips on my own.

Determined to find happiness and finally move on from Luke with an old classmate she reconnects with at her high school reunion, Bridgette sets out to find her happily ever after…but at what cost? Can they ignore their feelings forever while keeping their friendship intact or will her new relationship drive them apart?