Daddy’s Secret Mountain House: Baby’s First Spanking

by Nina Rains

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Me? A submissive? Never.

BDSM is only part of my research, but I never expected it to arouse my whole being. I tried to deny what my body and mind wanted. Being a slave was never in my book. But… he came and made me crave for it.

It was supposed to be just a one-night stand, but Thomas Anderson awakened me from my mediocre sex life. He gave me pain and pleasure that renewed me. He made me surrender to my lust. I tried to hold back on romance.

But, my heart – no – the whole of me became greedy. I wanted more.

The way he touched me,…

The way he kissed me, and…

The way he owned me – in his rough and beautiful manner…

They all pulled me deeper into the abyss of submission.

And, a slave to him I wanted to be.

Warning: This book will arouse your sexual fantasies. It is filled with steamy erotic scenes from the start to the end and with some hint of comical romance. It is a story filled with pain and sex, but all in a good way. It will make you see BDSM in another light.

All characters are at least 18 years old. This book is strictly for adults.