Curiosity Quills: Chronology

by Jordan Elizabeth

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It's time... for time! Embark on a literary journey through the ages with Curiosity Quills Press in our latest, greatest, and BIGGEST annual anthology yet. Filled with short stories by greats the likes of Piers Anthony, J.R. Rain, Richard Roberts, Scott Nicholson, Tony Healey, and more, Chronology will send your imagination down unexplored tunnels of history, from the earliest days to a far-flung future.

Included Short Stories:
- Draconic King, by James Wymore
- Wind-Up Hearts, by Stan Swanson
- Flight of the Pegasus, by Darin Kennedy
- That Which Is Hidden, by Julie Frost
- Whitechapel, by Andrew Buckley
- The Lair, by Tony Healey
- Signs Unseen, by J.P. Moynahan
- In the Clutches of the Mummy Prince, by B.C. Johnson
- Bait and Witch, by J.P. Sloan
- Inmate # 85298, by Andy Rausch
- Lava, by Piers Anthony
- Strange Flesh, by Katie Young
- Wampus Cat, by Scott Nicholson
- Yours Until the Ink Dries, by Jordan Elizabeth
- The Room Below, by Wilbert Stanton
- The Comeback, by Tara Tyler
- The Bull, by J.R. Rain
- After-Party, by Mark Woodring
- The Unattended Life, by J.E. Anckorn
- The Colorado King, by Nathan L. Yocum
- Gookie Visits Her Moma, by G. Miki Hayden
- Above the Clouds, by Richard Roberts
- Innocent Deception, by Matthew S. Cox
- Limited Liability, by Matthew Graybosch