First Time Lesbian Chronicles - Compilation One: Girl on Girl Books 1 - 4

by Jamie Hunter

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If you like the anticipation of first time lesbian sex told from the perspective of a woman who's never had a girl on girl experience before, the First Time Lesbian Chronicles is EXACTLY what you're looking for! Each story is filled with all the first-time hesitation, butterflies, and full-blown passion equated with a woman giving in to her most secret wants, needs, and desires.

Enjoy four FULL-LENGTH First Time Lesbian stories, packed to overflowing with white-hot, girl-on-girl, FF lesbian and bisexual sex, usually initiated by an alpha female, peppered with the slow lowering of inhibitions and beautifully written dialogue guaranteed to make your toes curl.


When Hannah accidentally stumbles into a gay bar, she's pretty sure her day just went from bad to worse. That is, until a beautiful raven-haired bartender comes to her rescue.

Join Hannah on her reluctant adventure, as she initially fights a growing affection for Megan, and then finally gives in to her bisexual side. The lesbian action is dripping hot, the suspense building to a fever pitch as Megan slowly seduces her 'straight' new conquest, before finally bringing her to new heights of pleasure stretched out on her own bed.


When a raging blizzard strands Lauren alone in her cold, abandoned dorm room, she's pretty sure she's the only one left on campus. That is, until she's rescued by a tall, beautiful blonde co-ed named Amanda.

Join these sexy dorm-mates as they huddle up against the storm of the century, fighting not only the snow but also a blistering, undeniable attraction for one another. Enjoy warm blankets and frosty nights, as experienced bisexual Amanda seduces a not-entirely-reluctant Lauren, introducing the gorgeous red-headed southern belle to the sizzling hot pleasures of lesbian love.


When Alexa throws in on a summer rental with her best friend's sister, she looks forward to a weekend of sand, sun, and excitement. But when she gets there early, she accidentally walks in on Dana... in bed with another girl!

Follow Alexa's reluctant journey as she's seduced by Robyn, an exotic alpha blonde who won't take no for an answer. The summer heat is nothing compared to their steamy encounter beneath the waters of the rental's hot tub, or atop the king-sized comforter that graces Robyn and Dana's shared bed...


When Jocelyn loses a sure bet with her lesbian friend, what begins as movie night at Tara's apartment ends with a bi-curious dilemma. Does she go back on the wager, and risk welshing on the friendship? Or does she pay up in the most intimate of ways... and let Tara go down on her?

Come along on Jocelyn's get-wrenching journey of self-exploration, bi-curious admissions, and general curiosity as she loses her girl-cherry to one of her closest and most sexually talented friends. Trapped by a raging thunderstorm between the sheets of Tara's warm bed, will Jocelyn be able to resist the beautiful brunette? Or will she succumb willingly to her basest - and perhaps most honest - of desires?