Omega's First Kiss: M/M Gay Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance

by Kellan Larkin

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Chad’s lips tasted divine and the feeling of his hard body pressed up against mine was blissful. This is it, I thought. This is what heaven is like. Kissing an Alpha.

Chad's an Alpha wolf who isn't doing so well in Calculus class. When he's paired up with Omega Connor to be his tutor, the sparks fly and the sexual tension is intense and passionate. The two seem like they're meant to be together and be fated mates. But will Chad's out of control lust be an obstacle? And will they stay together to raise their very own wolf pup?

Find out in this 15,000 word novella. Inside, you'll find intense m/m sex scenes between a strong Alpha and his delicate Omega. This romance is hot and steamy!

I resolved right then and there that no matter what, I absolutely had to have Connor. I’d make him mine. I had to have him, more than I ever needed anything in my life.