A Roar of Her Own

by S.E.Isaac


Hideaway Falls was the last place that Zara Nez wanted to be. The reservation filled with her loved ones was once beautiful in her eyes. The beauty was no longer there, for it was tainted by an ugly beast that she once loved.

With each visit, it became harder and harder to hide the pain she felt. A pain of her never forgotten past- Rogue Pezi. It was a love that was supposed to last forever. The love shattered into pieces when Rogue hightailed it from her and never looked back.

Now fate has brought them back together by an arranged marriage. Rogue has been chosen by the ancestors to be the next headman to their feline clan. Zara is the only link left to the current headman’s bloodline. Marrying Zara is the only way for Rogue to take his responsibility for the clan.

Zara’s desire for Rogue is ignited once more when the two come face to face. After nearly a decade, everything shifts within her. The anger she felt towards him disappears. The coldness melts from her heart. She needs him back in her life. More than ever. However, as usual, Rogue is ready to run from both the responsibilities of being the headman and Zara.

Will Zara be able to claim this scaredy cat or will he once again flee?