Seven Days Silent

by Emma York

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Jodie Harris can't stop thinking about the mystery man who keeps visiting her workplace. She's only seen him from across the room but every time he comes in, her heart skips a beat and her body reminds her how much she wants to see what's under that sharp suit.

Nick Stempel knows everything about her. She's the one he needs. Time to make her the offer. Seven days at his house. Once she's in no getting out until the week is up. Do it and she'll be paid a million. One catch. She must agree to walk away afterward and never contact him again for any reason.

Jodie might be able to keep her silence when it's all over but there's something she can't hide forever, the growing baby bump that gives away exactly what happened during her seven days silent.

What happens when Nick walks back into her life and discovers he let her walk away carrying something much more important than money?