Cryptic Notes

by A. Davis

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Family secrets can be difficult burdens- especially when they involve bringing back the dead. I won’t tell you that the undertaker handled it better than most, but not everyone had to save the world from those evil vampire types while shouldering the load, now did they? This curious and creepy tale follows the forlorn undertaker through the tiny hamlet of Krakenshire after his attempts at avenging his wife’s death. Those nefarious types he had blamed for her demise turn out to be responsible for a whole lot more! First came the cryptic notes. Then came the mysterious messages from the old woman in the woods. Last came all the proof he needed. Will he finally find out what the evil empire has been up to? Will he discover what role he plays in the grand design? Will the doctor drive him insane with his relentless rhyming? There’s only one way to find out these answers. Are you fearless and foolhardy enough to find out?