Tough & Dirty Billionaire

by Astrid Lee Donovan

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I get everything I want. It’s been that way for a long, long time.

So when my best pal challenges me to hide among the normies and get a regular apartment and a regular job for a month, it sounds like a new kind of adventure. I’m up for the challenge. Did I mention that he put his Lamborghini on the line? I’ll happily be taking that off his hands. Oh, and he thinks he's getting my boat. Fat chance.

And a girlfriend - I have to get a girlfriend. She can't know who I really am. She'll just have to like me for the simple shmuck I’ll be playing. Sounds like a piece of cake, really…

But, then I meet Sasha.

She's short, with chocolate-smooth skin and big, innocent eyes. She's wearing a tight black tank top and a pair of cutoff denim shorts, with a messenger bag slung across her shoulder, her purple-tinted lips full and pursed. Her hair radiates around her face like a curly halo. And she's not just playing hard to get - she's playing hard to find. But I'm going to find her. And I'm going to get what I want. I always do.