Seventeen Wishes

by Erica Alexander

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If knowing the truth could leave you more broken than believing the lies, would you still want to know it?

This is a story about a boy and a girl.
About friendship.
About the lies we tell ourselves so we can hold on to hope.
About the lies we tell those we love to protect them.
About risking it all and the price one pays when choices are made.
But above all, this is a story about wishes, love and the hope we hold on to when there’s nothing left to grasp.
There was never a time when Zac and Lilly hadn’t been in each other’s lives. They are neighbors, playmates, and best friends. But unknown to Lilly, she’s also the love of his life.
And the reason for Zac’s secrets.

***Previously a part of Between Hearts: A Romance Anthology***
*Stand Alone Novella.
*New cover, same content.
*Not recommended for readers younger than 17.