Confessing History

by Jenni M Rose

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Beth Walker knows Logan Hallowell is the man for her - has known from the minute she laid eyes on him.

She also knows she’s not the woman for him.


They’ve spent the last year dancing around each other; Logan taking one step forward, Beth jumping two steps back; until she comes home from a months-long work detail and Logan is not the man she remembers. She’s willing to put herself Love’s crosshairs to get him back on his feet again, because a world without the Logan she fell in love with is no world at all.

When Beth suggests they take a road trip, something to take his mind off his tanked career and lost future, Logan grudgingly agrees and gets more than he bargained for. He starts to realize that maybe it hadn’t been love at first sight between them like he originally thought. Maybe it took long hours in a car together, sleeping in a tent side by side, and candid admissions at the Grand Canyon to fall head-over-heels for Beth Walker.

But her confession changes everything and Logan finds himself caught between the only dream he has left for his future and the woman he loves.

This is a full-length LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT novel with an HEA! It can be read as a stand-alone, but Beth and Logan's story starts way back in book 1 (where the LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT happens!) and I promise, you don't want to miss it!