Mendacium: Lies

by Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin

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Little Lizzy never quite understood just how fast the world was outside Postahoka Texas.

Little Lizzy never quite understood anything really. Nevertheless, with a lot of guidance from her mother, Miss Olivia, and a simmering, lifelong, resentment of always being intellectually one-step behind, Lizzy persevered.

With Miss Olivia’s guidance, Lizzy married for money. That is what tall, blonde, shapely Southern women are supposed to do, right? Lizzy was no exception.

Being tall and good-looking was gift enough; Lizzy was also one of the fortunate few who benefited from a laboratory experiment with unexpected consequences. Profound consequences. Every pharmaceutical company searches for the “holy grail” of drugs. Morningstar won: They found the cure for the common cold and the flu virus. Morningstar’s experiments in curing the common cold and flu had taken over the laboratory.

They had also assumed leadership of global population control objective.

Rule one: Under no circumstances fight a conventional fight. Execute guerrilla and psychological warfare in unpredictable patterns. Fight dirty.

Rule two: Stay covert but recruit locals where possible. Build an undercover resistance network.

Rule three: Off with her head.

Rule three is a standing order to terminate Vivian Treacher on sight: Metaphorically. The objective is to terminate Vivian’s control over the Summitate.