The Lost Years

by Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin

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January 2017

But then we can use the Orb. Why not try?

Jamie, there is no way you are going to talk me into your plan. We swore an oath.

That was six years ago Randall. Do you want to wait another fourteen years to know what Max knows?

Do you already know what Max knows?

What does that mean?

It means… I mean, you lived with Max for a few years. He must have told you something. Don’t lie to me Jamie, I know you know something. Isn’t that enough? I mean, what good is there in opening the box?

Chapter One

“Lost time is never found again.”
Benjamin Franklin

August 2010

What happens in two weeks Max?

What are you talking about Jamie?

In two weeks, you will be gone. I’ll be here. What happens?

Jamie and Max are on lounge chairs at Mark’s pool. No one is home, Jamie and Max come and go through the side gate. Mark is off at a hockey summer camp.

Max jumps up and with one long stride flops into the water. Max successfully splashed Jamie. Rising from the surface with a smile, shaking the water out of his eyes, Max sees Jamie is not smiling.

She is worried. I need to be nicer. She only has me. Fucking Marie staring out the window. Marie has no life. Jamie is beautiful. Yeah, she is worried. She smokes too much pot. Okay, I need get out and go make nice.