Looking After Lizzy

by Laura Hart

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When ex-marine Mark finds his redheaded neighbor crying in her car one night, his rescue instinct kicks in. It turns out that she's moved to a small town to try and get over her parents' deaths.

They begin seeing each other, but as Mark learns more about Liz's unusual earlier life, he's amazed to discover that her father still used domestic discipline on his thirty-five-year-old daughter until his death six months earlier. Mark has doubts about whether or not he wants to get more involved, but he has a weakness for redheads and is totally taken with Liz's sweet nature, so he perseveres, and their relationship grows.

Then Liz's ex starts stalking her, but neither she nor Mark realize how serious it is until Liz is suddenly in danger.

Mark is determined to protect Lizzy and give her a normal life, but that's more easily said than done, and he finds that he needs more patience than he ever knew he had.

What will it take for him to win Liz's trust? Can he give this petite redhead the normal life she's never had?