Accidental Detective - The Complete Collection: Amateur Women's Sleuth Romance

by Kate Benitez

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Crime, Mystery, and Romance. Oh my…!

Anneliese Nottingham is one of the hottest bridalwear consultants in Boston.
Young, fresh and sassy, she’s at the top of her career game… that is until a
friendly slip of the tongue to a VIP client lands her in hot water. Suddenly,
finding herself out of a job, and blacklisted by every bridal store in the city,
she grows desperate. After months of unemployment, if she doesn’t find
something soon, she’ll find herself not only out of a job but homeless too.

Leo McKenzie, a handsome and wealthy private investigator is a man in high
demand. His exclusive detective agency caters to Boston's rich and famous.
His clients need someone with tact and discretion and pay through the nose
to get him. Ex-Special Forces, Leo is an expert at finding out secrets… just as
he is a master at hiding his own.

When Leo needs a replacement for his trusted assistant, through a twist of
fate, he meets Anneliese. Leo likes her personality, and after assuring
himself if she doesn’t work out, he can always replace her, he gives her the
job… not knowing that decision would change his life forever.

He's used to working alone, without any sexy distractions, and Anneliese
proves to be just that for Leo. She's fierce, and determined to be a great
investigator. But then a truly strange and hair-raising case comes
their way — one that may prove to shake up everything between them.
They have to find a way to keep it professional and get the job done, or
the sparks that fly between them could create an uncontrollable flame.

If you love feisty female amateur sleuths, witty dialogue, bizarre crimes
and red-hot romance, discover Anneliese and Leo’s crime-solving
world and their smoldering chemistry in this fun and flirty series!