Accidental Detective - Book 3: Amateur Women's Sleuth Romance

by Kate Benitez

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Sassy female detective, Anneliese Nottingham, and her hot, hunky private
investigator boss, Leo McKenzie, are back! As always, the cases are crazy, but
the heat between them remains at a steamy simmer…

Crime, Mystery, and Romance. Oh my…

Determined to put her brief—but scorching hot!—tryst with Leo behind her,
Anneliese launches herself into the dating game. It’s a diversion, sure, but she’ll
do anything to keep that man off her mind… despite the sexual tension between
them that crackles through the air like electricity.

Luckily, a case comes in to the LM Agency that draws both their attention. Now
Anneliese and Leo are now in a race against time to solve it and prove the
innocence of a close personal friend of Leo’s who's accused of a terrible crime.

Eager to help Leo’s friend — and all the while trying hard to keep her feelings
for him under control — in a moment of distraction, Anneliese suddenly finds
herself in danger with a mysterious man. But who is the handsome stranger,
and what does he want?

Will Anneliese and Leo solve the case and resolve their feelings for each other?
Or will the flames that once burned hot in their shaky, 'not-quite' relationship soon fizzle out?