Blue Ridge Bear

by Haley Weir

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Mikayla is an independent, headstrong city girl who loves theater and dreams of being on Broadway. When an audition mishap leaves her with a broken ankle, her friend Avery invites her upstate to stay with her and her partner, Blake. When she gets to Blue Ridge Mountain, she meets Ethan.

Ethan is tall, handsome, completely ripped, charming, and has a secret, just like his brother. He’s a bear shifter who is still learning to control his inner beast. Ethan asks Mikayla to tie him up each night so that he doesn’t get out and hurt himself or someone else. In exchange, Ethan agrees to accompany Mikayla to her sister’s upcoming wedding.

Mikayla and Ethan have explosive chemistry, but they both have strong personalities that may be their undoing. Mikayla isn’t sure she can handle the pressure of being in a relationship, especially one that seems to demand more of her than she can give.

While Mikayla and Ethan seem to be a perfect match, they get wrapped up in family drama and battle personal demons that might threaten their happily ever after. Will Mikayla and Ethan be able to let their hearts lead the way on their journey of self-discovery and true love?