The Sins of Love: Renegades Book 1

by Ciana Stone

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Can you be in love with two people at the same time?

Roxy was searching. But for what? Her memories of the last few years were murky and unclear. Still, she followed that inexplicable feeling, whispers in her mind that kept her on the move -- whispers that led her to a small coastal town in North Carolina.

The moment she laid eyes on Zeke Justice, the feeling vanished. In its place were memories and longings she didn’t understand.

Nor did he. One look at Roxy and something ripped in his mind, something that made emotions spring to live that he should not feel. Love, devotion, a need to protect.

What the hell was happening?

They’re going to find out, but not before more questions are raised, and another player enters the game. Someone from both of their pasts. Someone they both love, and someone they may not be able to trust.

West Franklin thought he knew exactly what he was doing in Harmony. He’d come to put Zeke behind bars and claim Roxy. But once he gets there, what he thought was true starts to unravel until the only thing he knows for sure is that it’s a contest between him and Zeke for Roxy’s love and he’s determined to win. Regardless of what Zeke meant to him in the past, the only thing that matters now is her.

But can West trust even those feelings?

Three people in an equation of love that may have no solution. All they can do is try and uncover the truth of who they really are and what they mean to one another.

If they can survive long enough maybe they’ll get to the truth.