Lucky Charm in Las Vegas

by A.R. Winters

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Do you believe in luck?

Uptight accountant Andrew Coombs has no time for superstitions – until he meets his own personal Lady Luck, Charlene Nelson, the lovely casino waitress who helps him win big at the slots. But when Charlene stands him up on a date night, Lady Luck is no longer on his side – or in the land of the living.

Who would kill the cocktail waitress? Who was Charlene Nelson when she wasn’t slinging drinks? Out-of-towner Andrew doesn’t have a clue where to start looking for answers…

As luck would have it, Ian and Tiffany are on the scene – though this time, their murder investigation plays second fiddle to an even bigger and incredibly dangerous operation.

Tiffany’s friend Stone is out to clear his name and prove his innocence. When war refugee Tariq Zubair knocks on Tiffany’s door, the final puzzle piece is nearly in place: Tariq will testify on Stone’s behalf and both men will be free to live normal lives again.

But dark forces lurk in the background and want the truth to stay buried at all costs, even if that means burying Tiffany and Ian along with it! Can the sleuths solve the mystery without becoming a statistic themselves? And can Stone finally come back into Tiffany’s life for good?