It's Always Been You

by Bella Emy

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Chase Martins.
The one man who I’ve always loved ever since we were little kids.
We grew up together, becoming best friends all through school, but I had always wished for more. However, I’d never told him how I felt, not wanting to ruin our beautiful friendship. I would be devastated if I could no longer have him in my life, even as just a friend.

Now at the age of twenty-five, we both have
well-established careers, but continue remaining close
regardless of the fact. When he asked me to join him
on a road trip to Vixen Falls to surprise his long-term girlfriend with a marriage proposal, my heart broke, but nonetheless, I have always been there for my best friend.

But what happened on that trip to Vixen Falls?
What revelations have come out?
Could our friendship be salvaged or would our time spent together destroy everything we’ve ever had?