The Art of Love

by A.B. Michaels

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Money. Art. Passion. Anguish.
You’ll Find it All in the Golden City

After making a fortune in the gold fields of the Klondike, August Wolff heads south to the “Golden City” of San Francisco, hoping to start over and put the baffling disappearance of his wife and daughter behind him. The turn of the century brings him even more success, but it means nothing until he meets a woman who embodies everything he’s ever wanted.

Amelia Starling is a wildly talented artist caught in the straight jacket of Old New York society. Making a heart-breaking decision, she moves to San Francisco hoping to make her mark and living with the pain of a sacrifice no woman should ever have to make.

When Gus and Lia meet, sparks and passion ignite. But the two have no future together until the past is laid to rest—a task deemed impossible because it’s shrouded in mystery. Devastated, Lia leaves San Francisco and the man she’s come to love. The Golden City offers everything except the answers Gus needs, but he needs to find them, because losing Lia is tearing him apart.

The Art of Love, Book One of the Golden City series, has earned the following awards:
A Notable Indie Book of 2014
Silver Ippy Award
New Apple Medalist
Editor’s Choice – Idaho Book Awards
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