Lightning Switch

by Vanessa Brooks

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Duncan's life is about to be turned upside down and inside out. Inadvertently caught outside during a thunderstorm while cycling back from where he works in Sussex, England, Duncan decides to seek shelter from the raging elements within a Jacobean barn that belongs to his good friends James and Emily.

In the year 1640, Hugo Wylde is also standing alone during a ferocious storm, in the exact same entrance to the exact same Jacobean barn. He is grimly awaiting the arrival of his wife, Bridey, whom he intends to switch soundly for her continued disobedience.

When both men are simultaneously struck by lightning, their personas are switched. Duncan Miller awakes in the year 1640 to discover that he is now the owner of Wylde Manor, and that he is married to a beautiful young wife who expects her husband to discipline her for all her transgressions.

In this tale of time travel and adventure, we follow Duncan as he struggles to come to terms with his new life, bereft of all the modern trappings and conveniences.

How will he deal with the harsh reality of England in the 1600s? Will he be able to cope with becoming the husband of an enticing young wife, entrenched in the dogma of her 17th century beliefs?

Will Duncan be able to put aside his 21st century male misgivings about physically punishing his wife Bridey, as both she and society expect, with spankings and switchings?

What will Bridey make of the changes she has noticed in her normally dogmatic and severe husband?

Are they both prepared to cope with and survive the English Civil War; especially the turmoil and upheaval that these events inflict on their everyday family life?

Join Duncan and experience the adventure of a lifetime, along with all the twists and turns of fate, which can only happen to you when you lightning switch.

And what of Hugo? How will he cope in the modern world? Find out in the follow-up novel, coming soon!