Ruffle My Feathers

by Ciana Stone

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Gabriel is an Angel. One with a sense of humor and one who has not found lasting love. Maybe whatever Force governed the Universe had decided he'd been given enough blessings. Most of the time it didn't bother him. Seeing his oldest friend, the Vampire Augustus find love had turned Gabriel's thoughts to things of that nature. Maybe he was even a little envious.

When he agrees to attend the reception Augustus' mother, Asha is holding to celebrate Augustus' marriage to romance writer, and human, Layla Summerfield, he had no idea it was going to be a televised event. He had to agree to a certain wardrobe, having a stylist for his hair and of all the crazy things, a make-up artist. If not for his love for Augustus, Gabriel would have said no.

Nevaeh Rockwell, or Nev to her friends, never imagined she'd be offered a job at what was sure to be the media event of the year. What a boon this would be to Nev's career. At present, she was scrambling, working for local theater companies as an assistant make-up artist, doing jobs for independent film companies, and tending bar at a beachside bar in Daytona Beach.

This might just boost her career and even if it didn't how many people got to attend the event of the year?
What she didn't expect was to be assigned as the makeup artist for an honest to goodness Angel. And what an Angel he was. Gabriel was heart stopping gorgeous. The trouble was, as she'd been warned, was that his touch inspired bliss.

Bliss? That's not what she felt when he touched her. No indeed, it was extreme and intense but definitely was not bliss.

Gabriel had never met a woman that didn't melt into a state of bliss at his touch. Nor had he met one that sent her feelings ricocheting back to him. Feelings strong enough to ruffle his feathers.

This just might be interesting after all.