Obsidian Embers

by Jadyn Chase

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My name is Dr. Olivia Montgomery. As one of the lead scientists for the top secret “Reborn Fire” project, a big part of my job was to observe and study the Obsidian Dragon. I know, it sounds crazy right. Just a couple years ago nobody would have thought that dragon’s even existed, and here I was directly involved in their creation.
When the ancients were first discovered deep below the ice-locked surface in Antarctica, our military was quick to act. Using the latest in genetic engineering, new hybrid dragons were created using human DNA. These new hybrids were stronger, smarter and easier for us to control. This allowed the military to quickly train and deploy their new weapons to maintain the peace in a world that was rapidly spinning out of control.
I knew there was more to them though.
I worked with the Obsidian day and night, I knew him better then I knew anyone else in that military base. A deep connection had grown between us, we couldn’t talk, but I could see in his eyes, he felt the same way.
Before they turned, rumors were circulating that the dragons began to show strange chameleon-like abilities to change their appearance. No one knew for sure though, and it was quickly dismissed in the beginning. But it wasn't long before that all changed.
Now, I knew there was more to these rumors, and when the dragons finally shifted into human form for all to see, my thoughts were confirmed.
The Obsidian was a tall, dark and gorgeous man. With long flowing locks, a rock-solid body, and those all telling eyes, they never changed. There was an instant recognition between the two of us, and we were finally able to communicate with one another. His name was Kushanu, and he had so much to tell me. I was in heaven…for a while.
Then in an instant, everything came to an end.
The world as you and I knew it was over, and it quickly became everyone for themselves in a desperate fight for survival.
Kushanu and his dragons saved me that day though, they saved many of us.
Now he wants to claim me as his mate.
Can I trust him?
Would I survive if I didn’t?
Obsidian Embers is a little bit of sci-fi, fantasy and shifter romance all rolled into one. It does contain some steamy scenes, has no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after.