The Seven: A Taste for Jazz: Book 3 of The Seven series

by Ciana Stone

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What a fantastic read! This story was flawless. The characters are well developed and so exciting they walk right off the page. There is scorching sex and a connection between Jazz and Connor "Rock" that is undeniable. The story line is action packed with shifters, paranormal factions, planet saving inventions, bounty hunters, and even a special ops team. The author writes with style and she makes it easy for the reader to dive into her world. I loved the story from start to finish and would definitely recommend it. - Elizabeth Ray for Candid Book Reviews

I am enamored of this author. When she writes about daemons, wizards, vampires and fae from an alternate dimension, you aren't skeptical at all! The stories are so smooth and developed, your psyche can't find a place where it doesn't make sense.
Jazz, in the middle of a fire-fight, comes face to face with a wizard who has a mission for her. She needs to protect a highly intelligent business man from the ones who would sully his inventions to their own devices.
Moderate, though hot, sex scenes integral to the story. I liked it very much. - Carol Tietsworth

My name's Conner - although some people call me Rock, for obvious reasons. When The Seven went to ground I came here to Florida. A little fun in the sun, a whole lot of willing female tourists to bed, and guys itching to be trained for MMA.

I'll admit it was getting a little boring. Then she showed up. Jazz Boudreaux. Five foot ten inches of bad ass, bounty hunter, warrior woman. I figured to have her in my bed inside of 24 hours and then move on to whoever was next in line.

Only Jazz isn't just a random woman who has appeared in my life. She was sent to find me. To protect me. Seems like there are people who'd like to take what's mine and are willing to kill to get it.

Now, with a nick-name like Rock and my Shifter abilities, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself. But she doesn't seem to think so. And as it turns out Jazz is more than just a bounty hunter turned body guard.

She's more like me that either of us realized and maybe that explains the attraction. Or maybe it's something else. Whatever it is, one (or a few) samples of her is not enough. I'm developing a real taste for Jazz.