With his Trident

by Angela Blake

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The sea is part of me. And so is she.
And I’m going to get her wet.

Maui is my home.
It’s where I met Livy when I was thirteen. My new neighbor.
She left a mark on me back then.

Now I’m all grown up. In all the right places.
A Marine Biology Student.
With a strong love of the ocean.
Nothing strange about that.

Until a near-death experience causes me to transform.
I am mer. Half human, half fish.
A perfect blend of both. The first in Centuries.
My dad was a mer, my mother a human.

But I cannot tell Livy. It’s forbidden.
A death sentence.
I must say goodbye to one or the other.
Stuck between two worlds. Land and Sea.
And I must have her.

**A very steamy Merman romance. No cliffhangers. Very mature themes. And a HEA. Loads of Bonus content.**