Protected - A Second Chance Baby Daddy Romance

by Kelli Walker

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I’m being stalked like an animal, and my ex wants to protect me.

My life is crumbling at my feet, and all I can do is look over my shoulder.
Fearing for my life.
Then, my ex comes knocking at my door.
Promising he can keep me safe.
With his thick muscles and his brooding stare and a body whose crevices call to mine.
The man who broke my heart wants to shield me from the man who broke my mind.
A man I married.
I can’t say no, but I want to.
I have to say ‘no’, but I can’t.
And when he injures himself keeping his vow, I can’t push him away.
I was being tracked and he never left me.
So I refuse to leave him.

I guess some things never change.