Double Splattered

by Orion Press Group

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In the city that never sleeps…
What makes her think we’ll let her get any?

Her looks may seal the deal
But it’s her skills that are the ones that kill it.
Strong. Sweet. Supple. Sassy.
Four words that don’t do her justice.
She’s Manhattan’s hottest interior decorator.
She services the needs of the rich and famous.
But when she’s asked to lend her services to two of Wall Street’s most notorious bad boys all bets are off.

Who will she pick?
And what repercussions will there be?

But wait.
There’s another possibility.
Can two hot as sin alpha males who’ve never compromised on anything share the same woman?

Can she handle two men…cleaning her carpet?

The possibilities are endless. But there’s forces out to tear this trio apart.

Will they survive and create ever lasting love?
Or will they destroy each other?