Cold (The Complete Series)

by Ella London

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**The entire Cold series, available in one box set**

“Tell me the truth,” he said. “You like it when I touch you there…”

Imagine if you told a big lie—a really big lie that could get you in all kinds of trouble.

Well, that’s what happened to me. And the worst part?

I lied to the one man you never lie to. My handsome and terrifying billionaire boss, Ashton Carter…

When Mister Carter discovered my deception, he made me a deal.

In order to save my job, I had to promise to tell him the truth no matter what he asked me.

Then he started asking about things I never imagined telling anyone. Made me admit my deepest, darkest thoughts and desires…including that fact that I wanted him.

And now he’s using my own fantasies against me—acting out everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing with him.

It’s better than I ever imagined, but also more terrible than my worst nightmares.

Because Ashton Carter is not a nice man. In fact, he’s ice cold. And now he owns me completely.