The Uprising

by A. Davis

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Will the mysterious organization kill her, or will she be the key to their secret agenda?

Dr. Alexandra Wake, a forensic veterinarian lands a new job with an international animal welfare organization. Her job is to work the cases, compile the medical evidence, and testify against the perpetrators- or so she thought. Unfortunately, the foreboding agency for which she now works had other plans- for her and for the world. In this forensic crime mystery with science fiction twists, something more ominous is going on behind the scenes, leaving you to wonder, what if?

The cases have Alex working double duty, trying to take down the criminals on two continents. In Africa, she is in pursuit of elephant poachers. Back in the states, Alex has her hands full with a dog fighting ring that she soon finds out has deep ties to a drug cartel. However, her new employer has a secret agenda, and she is at the center of it all.

Dr. Wake wonders if she is being sent to Africa just to distract her from the devious activities of her employer, but is there something else going on? Does she stay with the organization and embrace her new path, or will she rebel in defiance of all consequences? See for yourself if her mysterious new skills will be used for good or evil!