Summerbird Rises

by Debi Ennis Binder

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“Summerbird Rises” begins the tale of Summerbird Asii, an inept young seer, who has spent her life hiding her fractured magic from everyone around her. In a land where laws strictly prohibit magic, she hands out dull, common-sense and useless futures—and she remains safe enough from jail or even execution. And just when she agrees to marry and settle even further into her mundane life, she receives a visitor who definitely doesn’t belong in her cottage. A tiny griffin with impertinent questions—is this what she really wants out of life? And why is it so cold in here? He needs a wee favor and offers a trade. Would she like to learn her magic? The favor? That’s not important—but Summerbird demands more from the evasive magical creature. He needs her help, to rescue several highborn Fey whose magic has been compromised by an evil mage who perhaps might not want Summerbird to interfere with his plans. But she’ll have plenty of assistants, once she rescues them! Follow Summerbird as she finds herself in Emythor, the magical lands of her birth; as she struggles to learn who—and what—she really is. She has been lured her into a world created by an omnipotent entity who is in danger and has disappeared. Where beautiful inhabitants prove that beauty can be wicked or noble and it can be impossible to know which is which. Emythor is a land that exists by taking magic from its people. Are they willing to give the land the ultimate in magic—their very lives?