Bossing My Friend

by Suzanne Hart

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Ten years ago, Jared disappeared from my life.
We were supposed to be best friends. We were supposed to tell each other everything.
Then one day he was gone.
Disappeared into thin air.
Nobody knew where.
Now he’s back and I know exactly where he’s been.
He’s been building a business empire that’s made him stinkingly rich.
But he’s not back because he wants to be friends again.
He wants something else. Something specific.
And I’m not going to give it to him.


Ten years made no difference to Elsie.
She’s still as hot as ever.
Same blue eyes, long legs and that irresistible body.
I know we were supposed to be friends.
But let’s be real.
We weren’t just friends.
She must have known. She would have seen the way I looked at her!
Now that I’m back in her life, it’s time to pick up where we left off.
Thing is, Elsie has other ideas.
She’s determined to be my enemy.